Thursday, August 20, 2009

chub chub

She is 3 months old today. Chub Chub is what Brad very lovingly started calling Lydia and it has kind of caught on with me now. Luckily, once she starts walking she will lose her chub chub just like Laila and Landon did. It will be just in time to stop calling her that because I definitely don't want her having issues with her body:) We think she is just the cutest!! Lydia's personality has been developing a lot lately. She is quite the squealer. I do not remember either of my other babies squealing like she does. She smiles all the time without any effort on my part. I was just telling Brad a couple days ago what a great baby she had turned into and how she hardly ever is upset anymore. Well......later that day she started this new "screeching" when she is mad. she has been now a bit more fussy the last couple of days and has been going to town, munching on anything near her mouth. Please not teeth already!!! I feel like I am finally getting the hang of having 3 kids and don't feel like I have to constantly plan everything around her wanting to eat, which seemed like all the time.

I was thinking about something the other day and hopefully this isn't taken wrong but you know how some people like having a really nice car or something flashy to wear to show off to people. This is how I feel about my children. I feel like they are what make me stand out and they are what I feel like showing off to people. Anyone else feel the same??

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I want this ring!!!! I have often thought a lot of mommy necklaces, bracelets, etc were kind of cheesy, but I love this. I love that it is one ring but looks like three intertwined.