Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Christmas morning was a lot of fun this year. Laila was very excited and thrilled with everything Santa got her. Not once did I tell her that Santa was going to fill her stocking....but when she started opening her stocking she said "ooooo...Santa got me panties" How was I supposed to say no. Anyway, I have decided to let her think what she wants for now. I guess she paid more attention to Rudolph than I thought?

Laila had been wanting this waffle maker for a long time... some people know I make waffles for her a lot and our grown up one seriously broke a couple weeks ago...just in time I guess
he sat down long enough to open one present
I am glad panties were such a hit!
Notice Landon in the back

the kids were up bright and early at 6:30 and we made it over to Brad's parents at about a quarter after 8!! the kids were in their jammies all day. It was a pretty relaxing Christmas but I am still exhausted.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has always been more of a big deal on my parents side of the family. We are Scandinavian so we have traditional Swedish meatballs, Lefse, pickled herring, and sometimes even Ludefisk. If you don't know what lefse is you are missing out. It is kind of like a tortilla but better and we eat it with butter and brown sugar. My mom says Norwegians use brown sugar(dad's side) and Swedes eat it with white sugar(mom's side) I eat it with brown sugar usually...I really do have have more Norwegian blood...makes sense??

Laila and Landon opened their new pj's(pretty typical) and received a couple gifts from my parents including their new kitchen which we could not pry Landon away from all night or the next morning really. Funny thing to note: Landon wanted to open his present with his mouth...what a man!!...or animal??

ohhhh lefse
right before he chomped down
wanting to see what she got
the fridge~his favorite(the most manly part of a kitchen right?)

my new babysitter

Dec 23rd~daddy play time

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm not ready!

They are already teaming up. I guess I can't leave them together for a minute! They did this in front of me too...imagine what they would do when I am not looking....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My daughter is great!

I had to hurry and post this before I forgot what her exact words were. Laila and I were standing in the kitchen and she was looking at this picture of my brother's wedding with the whole wedding party included, which included me 7 months prego with Laila. She asked "where is you?" So I pointed myself out. She then said that I looked different. I said yeah I was a little chubby because you were in my belly...She proceeded to tilt her head to the side and say..."that's ok mommy, things like that happen sometimes." I am always amazed by her thoughtfulness and maturity..what a doll!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The last couple weeks have been Loooong and painful literally. Let me start from the beginning....November 19th(a long time ago) I had my yearly physical with my OB..everything fine except confirmation of ovarian cysts and she noticed my neck glands were swollen..I did not know that before hand...oh well, I felt fine. Then a few days later I began to notice my glands were getting more swollen and they were beginning to hurt but no other symptoms.  By last Monday I could not take it anymore..I had a headache, swollen neck and was very uncomfortable. This was also the day we lost power and realized under the house was under water  in which our hot water heater and furnace were not able to work(great!! no heat, no hot water). Brad had to go to work Monday..he made it there while others got turned around(glad my husband is determined). This left me forced to go to the doctor by myself with two kids.  They tested me for strep and did blood work testing for mono and other infections. By the way; Landon was on my lap while they drew the blood and Laila was crying her eyes out in the corner(sound fun!!?!) That night we had to stay at Brad's parents house otherwise we would have all frozen to death at home. I found out later in the day that Brad was going to have to go to Idaho Tuesday but come back Wednesday. We also were told our heat could not be fixed until Wednesday. 

Tuesday was spent with me flustered...going home and getting new clothes, crying half the time because I was in pain and feeling awful and all I wanted was to be able to be home with heat and have my husband there to comfort me. Tuesday I spent the night at my parents house as well as Wednesday. No the swelling in my neck did not go down and I was beginning to get a sore throat(well actually my tonsils hurt)

Wednesday I found out that the heat could not be fixed until Thursday so I spent the day much like Tuesday and spent the night at my parents house again.

Thursday I woke up with terrible stomach pains. I was dubbled over until my mom told me to take some tums..I thought that was rediculous that it could be indigestion but I did it anyway. It took some of the edge off almost immediately..but I was uncomfortable all day. I would desribe the feeling to be like someone is twisting my stomach, although sometimes it just feels like there is a rock lodged in there. I waited it out all day just in case I was being a baby and it was nothing. 

Friday I woke up still in pain so I went yet again to the doctor by myself with two kids(aaahhh).  I was smart to bring my stroller this time but Landon cried while they examined me. They gave me a prescription for indigestion and had me schedule an ultra sound. I called right away and the soonest was Tuesday morning. I was upset that I was going to have to wait it out even longer. I am way paranoid when it comes to health issues so I thought oh my god what if I die before that. :) 

Over the weekend the pain subsided every once in awhile..I am not sure why...I wish I knew. My swollen gland/throat issues got better at times too. 

Monday was a bad day. Last night actually I thought about going to the ER because my tonsils felt swollen and I  was having a hard time swallowing. I chugged water and thought well I am going for my ultra sound in the morning...they(doctors at the hospital) can help me with that too if I really need it. 

Today I woke up and my throat felt a little better...I was feeling optimistic because my stomach didn't hurt at all...great!! now I am going to this ultra sound for no reason. Well I went and they couldn't tell me anything but said I would probably get the results early tomorrow. I am glad I went because the pain is now back and is as bad as it has been.  I hope I get some answers soon!

I know I must sound pitiful but I am just really bummed because I feel like I have been missing out on all the Christmasy things I usually do around this time of year. Hopefully I will have something cheery to post soon!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

we played too!

he loved it!
I think Xavier loves snow too

Landon right after Brad threw a snowball at him
Laila could have been out all day