Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a random thought by Laila

Laila is always thinking and she likes to tell me pretty much everything that pops in her head which sometimes I love and sometimes I could really do without. Anyway, this morning on our way to school :) Laila goes, "we are small mom"....I think I just kinda went ummm??? She went on to say "God must have really big eyes to be able to see us all." haha. I love it when she thinks about God/Jesus and says things where I can explain the truth. Although, it is very difficult to explain the concept of Heaven to a 4 year old. Also, that God is everywhere we are and knows every move we make and thought we have. Everytime I attempt to explain this the lyrics to the song about Santa comes into my head..."he knows when you are sleeping..he knows when you're awake." However, we all know there is no comparison between God and Santa. I'ts unfortunate I feel like I have to say that on my blog so people don't start rumoring that I tell my kids that God is like Santa.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

the perfect wedding present..according to Laila

This afternoon my brother in law Derek called to talk to Brad and we briefly discussed Alyssa's(his fiance) shower next weekend and how Laila would be coming with. When I got off the phone Laila asked where she was going. I explained that we were going to a bridal shower for Alyssa because once her and Uncle Derek get married they are going to need a lot of stuff for their house. I asked Laila what she thought we should get them.....she thought for a moment before she blurted out.."I know..nails. " I dont know why but my first thought was that she meant fake finger nails. So I was like what? nails? Laila matter of factly responded by saying..."yeah mom..nails to keep their house from falling apart." Isn't she thoughtful?? :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Puyallup Fair

Brad stayed home today so we could all go to the fair together. I think Laila had fun. What do you think? :)

4 years old!

Laila Mari was born at 4:42 am 4 years ago on September 16th.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Awful two's?? what's worse than terrible

This morning I was going to write about Landon's terrible two behavior lately. He has been acting like this for a couple weeks not just magically two days ago on his birthday. He throws himself on the floor in fits, hits, bites, screams and cries because his mommy doesn't know what drink he wanted. He is getting into EVERYTHING, making messes constantly with anything he comes in contact with. I wasn't really going to give any examples of this. I was just going to complain to everyone and ask for prayers. However, then this happened.This was all Landon. There was also an egg under the door. I guess he opens the fridge now. NO strike that...he won't leave the darn thing alone!!!!!!!!!!!

This incident was RIGHT after mommy was being so nice and gave him his left over milkshake from daddy last night. Guess what he did with the milkshake??? any ideas?? yeah it was all over my floor..every last drop.

I am off to walmart now to hopefully buy something to baby proof our fridge. I wish that were like a break from destruction on the house but lets face it..he hates the cart now and is Superman. No matter how tight I put the belt he busts them open. NOT KIDDING. Oh and once he busts them open he stands up and jumps on mommy. Then I have to carry him through the store while he leans over to play with the buckle on the cart....why can he not play with the buckle while in the cart?????!!!??

By the way..I do love my little boy. He is just such a pain sometimes. I know we will get through this and before I know it, he will be going to school too:(

Monday, September 8, 2008


So everyone keeps talking about the New Kids on the Block tour. I was never a fan..maybe I was a little too young or maybe I had better taste:) You will laugh then when I say I am going to a Hanson show tonight at the Moore Theater. I was majorly obsessed from about 6(?)th -11th grade. I have been to two of their concerts and even met them while shopping in Portland. Brad would say I was probably a crazy fan but I promise I never squealed in their face or cried. I shared my love for them with my best friend Steph. Her cousin heard on the radio a couple months ago that they were coming to Seattle. Steph's mom was amazing and decided she wanted to buy tickets for us to go. It's an acoustic show so hopefully it will be a lot more mellow than past shows. They all are married and have children now so hopefully there won't be crying, screaming fans. Anyway, I am excited. Too bad my t-shirt doesn't fit anymore......

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First day of school

Today was Laila's first day of pre-school. We showed up a little early in case Laila had any problems. We got out of the car and she immediately grabbed a chunk of my pants in her hand and held on from the car into the classroom. She wasn't wanting to talk once we got in but she quickly started playing with Hannah. I quickly said goodbye and was on my way....she barely agknowledged me leave, which was encouraging.

Picking up Laila wasn't quite as smooth as droppping her off. Once Laila saw me come in she immediately ran over to me, I think she was excited to tell me about her first day. Unfortunately, I had to tell her to go sit back down because she had not been dismissed yet. They are very careful about dismissing each child one by one to their parents to make sure noone slips by. This upset Laila and she started to cry. Luckily, Julia was able to explain to her the rules and she was fine. On our drive to McDonalds for lunch she told me everything they did and how much fun she had. She told me that not all the kids listened to the teacher but that she did. I am not sure about that one:)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Brad's parents called us last night and told us they wanted to pay for Laila to go to pre-school. We had really wanted to send her to the Christian school for pre-school but couldn't afford it right now so needless to say we were like yes!! I called the school first thing this morning, then went and met with Mr. Roller and got Laila registered, went to Walmart to get her school supplies and now I am sitting home feeling all excited/sad that my little girl is beginning a new part of life.....It's sad that her dad is going to miss her first day of school due to work but I am going to make it special and take lots of pictures. :)