Monday, March 30, 2009

Never again

Never again will I take Landon with me to a doctor's appointment. He has been tolerable to have around up until today at my OB appointment. For whatever reason it was a nightmare. I HAVE to keep him in a stroller because he does not sit nicely and does NOT listen to his mommy. He threw the biggest fit I have ever seen him throw. He not cried but screamed for the entire hour and half I had to be there. I saw the OB for about 3 minutes. By the end of it mommy and Landon were both in tears. Just so you know Laila was there too and she always does great. I am not sure about this boy. I have never seen him behave so terribly as he did today. I took him out of his stroller even to console him where he proceeded to pull my hair and slap me. I don't remember a time I have felt so helpless. I almost walked out of the office.....

Friday, March 27, 2009

bye bye fa fa

fa fa is what Laila named her pacifier when she was a baby and it stuck with all of us. I made Laila give hers up cold turkey pretty much when she turned 2. Landon is 2 and a half and I did not see an end in sight. He is way attached to it and I have been having anxiety about him not getting to be the baby anymore. I kept telling myself ok today we are taking it away but when he would cry out fa fa! I gave in.

Well, yesterday during nap time I could not find a fa fa anywhere so I put him to bed without and he did just fine. I decided if he could do that he could go to bed at night without one and he did last night. This shall be the end of fa fas for my little boy. I hope I find the lost ones before he does!