Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thank you God!!

I got a wonderful surprise today. I had my OB appointment today. I am only 10 weeks 3 days so I wasn't expecting them to hear the heartbeat. With both of my other kids they didn't hear it that early. However, my doctor tried just in case, but assured me most of the time they can't find it. She tried really hard for me. It was almost as if she knew I really needed to hear it. With everything else going on in life right now it was just what I needed. Thank you God!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Name names names

One of the best parts of being pregnant is thinking of a name for the new baby. I have been thinking ever since we decided to try for another. I can't usually make any kind of decision until I find out the sex. Narrowing it down helps me a lot. Anyway, I am still thinking...but nothing feels like the one yet. People keep asking if it will be another L name. We don't know. If we really like a name we won't ignore it because it doesn't start with L. These are my thoughts so far......


I really like the name Finnley. We would call him Finn. I guess I shouldn't say we because Brad really doesn't like this name at all. However, I can definitely picture a little Finn Hanson running around.

The only name Brad has come up with is Wade....I vetoed it before he could say another word about it..ick! sorry dear. Like I told him, I picture a 40 year old man in khaki shorts and penny loafers, hitting on younger woman and likes to drink too many beers.

So I thought of L's...the only boy name I like that starts with L is Lucas. However, it's not feeling right.

GIRL: I always seem to have a list of girl names. The first two are my favorites.

Tove(was on our list before we knew landon was a boy)'s pronounced Tova if you didn't know.

Avanlee( I made this name up, I think. I have never heard it anywhere or see it in books or websites..but I love it...Brad isn't sold though)it's pronounced a van lee

Tessa, Skylar, Ashlynn

L names have been vetoed by Brad but I thought of Lydia and Lacey(my middle name)

Let me know what ya think? We won't obviously base our choice off of others though. Noone in my family liked Laila before she was they do!

Monday, October 13, 2008

fire drill

Around 7:15 this morning I was in bed, Brad was in the shower. Beep Beep Beep, 2 smoked detectors started going off. I wish I could say I didn't lay there in a daze half asleep when Brad yells from the kitchen for me to get up now!!!His direct demand got me right out of bed and into the kitchen where the kitchen was aglow. The stovetop, toaster and nearby countertop items were on fire. The entire house was full of smoke(due to its smallness), while Laila was screaming in her bedroom. Luckily, Brad was able to get the fire out with water. He lost a stack of folders and a binder of CCI papers, our toaster and some other insignifant things.

Everything is fine now. I am so glad our smoke detectors worked. I don't know when I would have woken up or when Brad would have gotten out of the shower otherwise. Our house smells like a campfire and we need a new toaster but the house is in tact. Laila thinks I need to buy a pink toaster...I am not so sure.

Wondering how this little fire started??? I don't want to name names here but someone got up and turned the stove top on to heat some water before they went into the shower. They meant to turn on the front one but accidentally turned on the back one which the toaster was way to close to. Basically this wouldn't have happend if our counters weren't so crowded.

See dear it pays to be paranoid sometimes and vigilant in checking to make sure smoke detectors work:)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

noteworthy things

Yeah this is about my kids.....

Landon shocked me the other night at my parents house. He still does not have a very large vocabulary. I have a feeling he knows a lot more than he lets on. My parents have little blocks with letters on them that Landon was looking at. He pulled about 7 blocks out one by one and said each letter correctly. Maybe Super Why is good for something??

Laila was brushing my hair this morning and told me to "keep my eyes closed like doors" (where does she come up with this stuff)

I think Landon is going to be a great big brother. He has been playing with Laila's baby dolls a lot lately. He feeds them with her bottles and the other day I watched him put one baby in her bed, kiss it and say night night.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I have a bunch of apples that are in need of eating. Lately, it has been making me feel ill to eat them plain so I decided to go to the store while Laila was at school to get some caramel dip for them. Also on my list was a pepsi. I know some people think caffeine is a no no during pregnancy. I have tried to stay away but for some reason pop(only pepsi or coke) works wonders for settling my stomach.

Well......the cravings have started to kick in pretty good. Remember I was getting caramel dip and a pepsi. This is what I ended up's sickoning..

2 pepsis
the caramel dip
a bag of doritos
creme filled chocolate cup cakes(lil debbies)...why?!? I have had like one in my life
peanut butter M&m's

After I bought all of this junk I got into my van, opened the bag of doritos and drove around for a few minutes before it was time to pick Laila up. I had a mouth full when my wonderful husband drives by with his tour guide for work. I was caught!! We smiled and waved at each other and were on our separate ways. Seeing him at such an unexpected time made my heart happy.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm officially prego!

I say that I am officially prego because I think it has finally hit me. I guess it is kind of hard to ignore that fact when I am nauseated pretty much all day, pee every 20 minutes, cry at the drop of a hat, and seriously look like I am 5 months pregnant already. All this and I will only be 8 weeks on Monday. I have a feeling this is going to be a long pregnancy but I want to enjoy every last bit of it in case this is the last time.

Today I came across two great finds in the Tacoma mall at Motherhood Maternity. I found a pair of jeans on sale that are actually cute. They are so comfortable that I am going to wear them tomorrow and maybe every day after that. I think I may never wear pants with buttons again. Due to my nausea I decided to test out the preggie pop drops. They let me test one before I bought any and they are actually good. Tastes just like candy. I am not really sure why they work but the lady swore by them. We will see I guess.