Sunday, March 30, 2008

the time of my life

Both of my kids are sick right now. Laila started Wednesday night with the stomach cramps and diarrhea and has not let up too much. She had a fever the first two days but luckily that is gone. On Saturday I thought she was getting better so we made it to our appointment at JCPenneys for late Easter pics. Landon was not sick yet but he was terrified of the lady taking the pics and her camera. He cried and tried to run away most of the time. Luckily, by some miracle she was able to get a few good ones but not the best. When I think back now, he may have been starting to get sick then and that is why he was so upset.

So we thought Laila was better because she had no diarrhea all day Saturday so she was able to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa Hansons. I got a call at 2am saying Laila was desparate for her mommy and had been having diarrhea since 10. While on the phone I heard Landon whimpering in the bedroom. Brad's mom was on her way to bring Laila home while I went to check on Landon. I walked in and immediately was overwhelmed by stench. The stench of poo and puke. Landon had thrown up all over his bed and animals and was burning up. I didn't think it was possible for him to be any whiter, but he was. He threw up 4 more times last night, twice on me where I had to change pants and shirt. I got 3 hours of sleep last night. I think Laila and Landon got about the same. They did not fall back asleep until about 7, but for a short time. Landon and Laila were both stuck to me like glue today. They kept fighting for space on my lap. Landon actually put his hand on Laila's head and pushed her off me. This has been a looooonng day.

I am so paranoid about them getting dehyrdated. Neither of them wanted to eat or drink a thing today. I had lots of fun trying to force them. Try is the key word because it really is not possible to force a person to eat or drink. I am thinking I am going to have to take them to the doctor tomorrow. I don't know if I should though because in my experience Pediatrician's and their nurses seem to be of no help. They probably will say do what you are doing and good luck. Me on the other hand cannot stand to see my children like this. When I first saw Landon last night I wanted to call 911. haha. It is such a helpless feeling...I just wanted to cry out someone help them!!! Oh and actually I think I did...I think I cried out Jesus help them!(not really cried out...but silently, I cried out in my head and heart)

Oh and Brad's mom is great. She offered to take a day off work to help me with the kids or take them so i can nap. Of course, me being me..I don't think I could ask her to do that. Well the kids are sleeping so I better rest before they wake up and I have to change some sheets.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Goal Check Thursday

#1) the diet:

This has been the easiest to maintain. For me, I don't believe in taking away foods from my diet but simply adding the good stuff. So I have been eating Cheerios or toast for breakfast with some type of fruit. My lunch has greatly improved. I have been loving my turkey and cheese sandwhiches with a fruit and some type of vegetable, this week it has been carrots mostly. I have eaten a vegetable everyday this week with dinner as well. I thought this goal would be hard but so far it has been easy. Who cares if I have had some easter candy mixed in there?! I bet if I didn't eat the good stuff first I would have eaten more candy.

#2) water

The water drinking is going ok. I am not drinking as much as I should probably. I think I drink about 4 glasses a day which does hit my goal. I drink a lot of milk and other stuff too though. I am hoping to drink more water and lessen the other liquids.

#3) exercise

I fail here big time. Twice last week I did a lot of cleaning which in my book can count as exercise. I did no organized or intentional form of exercise this week. Anyone notice the weather??? Bad excuse but still..I said I would be honest

#4) hour to myself

Not this week.

#5) tv watching

I made my goal for the first 2 days and then went downhill. I was sick last week so I didn't feel like doing much else. I don't feel too guilty. I have been working on a list of crafts and games to do with the kids for this next week so the tv can be off.

Well off to move my poor sick sleeping daughter from the couch to her bed.

I guess girls are gross too!

Last night Laila was pretty gassy(cute huh). She informed me that her toots were stinky and she needed to put them in the garbage.

Today she was examining her legs and noticed she had hair. She said when she gets bigger she will shave her legs. She went on to say that when she turns into a boy she will shave her face. I told her she would not be turning into a boy..her response was classic I think....

"maybe if I eat a bunch of boogers I will turn into a boy."

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our own thing

I had planned on doing our own easter egg hunt at home on easter morning but I hear it is supposed to be pretty yucky out with rain. We decided to hide the eggs during the kids nap and let them have some fun this afternoon. Laila is a pro when it is just her and Landon. However, Landon picked up 2 eggs and I had to convince him to put them in his basket. Laila sweetly gave up one of her eggs for Landon. Happy Easter everyone!

First easter egg hunt

We went to the Egg hunt today at Oakland Bay Junior High. Laila was really excited about it before we got there. She was telling me she was going to get all the eggs. I don't think she realized how many kids were going to be there. She started to run onto the field and then turned around and wanted us to come with her. Parents were not supposed to go onto the field so by the time we coaxed her back into trying the eggs were all gone. Luckily, she really didn't know what she was missing or if she did, she did not care. There was one boy crying his head off while carrying a full basket, nice huh?

Laila did get her face painted and jumped in the bounce house. We had fun!

Sooo excited...she was yelling "yay easter eggs"

sooo unsure

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Enough is enough

ok I am always tired, always sick, gaining weight, feeling sorry for myself.....It's about time I make some changes. I really do know what I have to do...I am going to set some goals for MYSELF. I need an overhaul. Because today is thursday I am going to update my goals every thursday so I can see how I am doing and be honest with myself(and I guess those who read) on how I am caring for me. 

one of my biggest flaws is my diet. I eat terrible, if I eat. I usually have a good breakfast honestly and then the rest of the day goes to hell. I don't really have "lunch". I feed the kids and put them down for naps and then kind of eat whatever is so this is what I am aiming for.....

* 1)some kind of fruit for breakfast and lunch. 
   2) a vegetable with lunch and dinner
   3) to actually have a lunch example: sandwhich, fruit and vegetable

I think I am probably always dehydrated. I need to drink water. It will be good for me and it will make me eat less is what I hear..soo..

*4) aiming for 4-6 glasses of water to start off with

I have not exercised since october due to not feeling well(gall bladder issues, etc.) besides the occasional walk. I know if I say i am going to run 3 miles every day that is not going to I am going to start off light...

*5) I hope to do 30 mins. of exercise everyday...whether it be dancing with the kids, going for a walk, exercise video, etc. 

No explanation necessary(I don't think)

*6) I am going to try and get an hour out of the house to myself once a week. 

I grew up where the tv was always on as background noise. I am hooked on the tv being on. The kids and I don't even sit and watch the tv all is just on. I do find that I watch more than I should though because it is on...Also, at Landon's 18 month check up his pediatrician said" remember we don't advise watching any tv yet." ohhh crap. I already knew that but still. 

*7) I am not exactly sure where to start. It's actually embarrassing to say this but this is my goal...let the kids watch their breakfast eating cartoons(an hour?), Let Laila choose 2 other half hour shows to watch during the day(this doesn't mean she actually will watch the whole thing though..she really doesn't stop moving)...I guess I am shooting for 3 hours of tv on time?? When the tv has been on about 18 hours a day this is HUGE. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Brad

I always make Brad a cake for his birthday and it has always been chocolate on chocolate. This year I decided it needed to be something different. So here it stab at oreo cookie cake. Hope it's good!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Who dyes Easter eggs on St. Patrick's Day???

I guess we do. I don't ever remember doing it this early. I haven't dyed easter eggs in a few years but thought that Laila was the perfect age to start. She did great for her first try. There was hardly even a mess to clean up:)

If they are left alone for a minute....

This is what I found after washing a few dishes this morning. They decided they needed to pull every last book off the shelf and then they sat on the pile while watching Sesame Street(morning ritual). I walked in the room and they acted like nothing was wrong. Couldn't they have humored me with some guilty faces? I wish we didn't have such a small house for many reasons. However, one annoying thing is that if one thing is out of place or on the floor the whole house looks a mess.  Wonder why we never invite people over??

I did my part in celebrating St. Patrick's Day...the kids are in green. I think that will be the extent of our celebrating. I thought about giving Laila green milk..but I have a feeling that would not have gone over well. 

Friday, March 14, 2008

picture this

Me at Safeway with both kids. Landon is sitting in the cart yelling Laila, Laila, Laila while Laila is pretending the tiles are for hop scotch. We had an interesting trip to the store needless to say.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Random Wednesday

I thought I should show everyone Landon's Sesame Street face. He is not talking...his mouth stayed like this for at least 5 minutes straight. A bug could have flown in and he wouldn't have noticed.
I got these little baskets at Dollar Tree today. Laila is getting quite the collection of hair accessories.

Landon had his first juice box today and did very well. He has quite the chompers.
showing his sweet little boy self
what attitude this girl has. I think this may be a face she got from me.


Yesterday Laila and I played hide and seek for...a lot longer than I would have wanted:) I am required to count to 10 and then say ready or not here I come.  After half a dozen times Landon started catching on. He was my little helper in finding Laila. He also got in on the counting to my surprise. Like I have mentioned before the boy doesn't have many words hear him yell "Two..Here I ca!!" was a real surprise. At first I didn't think I was hearing right but he did this about 5 times in a row. I guess this is his first phrase. Soon he will be back talking like Laila....hmph.....

*When Laila is mad at me for whatever reason now..whether  she is in time out or I tell her to put her shoes on she says "Jesus is mad at you mom". I received great advice from friends yesterday though on what to respond with.  Its a great time for me to explain that Jesus wants her to obey her parents..perfect:)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

First haircut

Laila had her hair cut for the first time today. I was a little nerous she would cut too much because her hair isn't that long and I would like to grow it out. We did this today mostly for the experience and dad says sometimes she looks like she has a mullet. Most people probably won't be able to tell she got a haircut but I can tell because it looks even now. Laila did perfectly fine during the cut. My hairdresser Lisa( who has been doing my hair since I was 12) and Laila talked about cartoons and it really only took about 15 minutes. I think it is probably a more traumatic experience for boys. I have to admit though that I felt a little sad putting her little curls in a bag. Luckily, she has plenty more:)

waiting patiently for her turn. Notice her legs crossed
she was very serious

Ta da!! I told her to give me a big cheesy grin. I guess this is it!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

why do I do it?

I went to Walmart with Landon last night. Laila and Brad were at youth church. I usually don't go there for groceries but I only had a few things to pick up and I wanted to look at their easter stuff for ideas of what to put in the kids' baskets. I was having a good time for awhile looking around at pretty much everything until I started to feel overwhelmed. Walmart always seems so crowded in the evenings and I am tired and I have been dealing with panic attacks lately so I needed to get out of there. I wanted to get out quickly but sadly the lines were long and they didn't have a lot of checkers. I was feeling relieved when I was nearing the exit until suddenly I was setting their alarm off. It has such a soft tone(nice actually) that I almost just kept walking but they stopped me. Now they were going to have to look at everything I bought and check my receipt(great!).  Luckily, the nice lady said it was probably my dvd and we were able to figure out somewhat quickly that it was not on the receipt.  At no time did she make me feel like I was trying to steal it which was nice. She did ask me if I still wanted it though and for a minute I honestly thought she just might let me leave with it because it was their mistake.  Sadly, I had to get back in line to pay for it. I was annoyed but I wanted the dvd so I got back in line. Thinking about it later...if I had just  said never mind and went on my way..that might have made it look like I was stealing it.  By the way.... the movie I had to have was "the break-up" starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

a good day so far

I had a beautiful drive to Olympia today for my post surgery check up. I was pleased to find out that there were what they call sparkles in my gall bladder. Basically this means lots of tiny pieces of gall stones. That probably sounds weird to say I was pleased but I guess if I am going to have surgery I want it to be well worth it! Brad had some lunch waiting for me when I came out of the office and then I got to enjoy the nice drive home. To top it all off once we got into town I treated myself to a caramel mindfreeze(my favorite) from Urraco. It is especially good today because I think this must be the most amount of caramel I have had in one. Yum!! Please don't burst my bubble and tell me how bad it is for me. On the way home Laila could see the church and she said " I want to go to church..too bad we can't" . This weather is making me want to go for a run but I think that might be a little too much for me still. Soon I hope............

Sunday, March 2, 2008

It exists!!!

This is a Water Buffalo

ok so it looks nothing like Brad

water buffalo???

In case you wondered why I named my blog water buffalo I will tell you. It is not just some random thing that came out of my very random brain. Ya know I am not even sure if a water buffalo even exists. However, this very endearing sounding animal is what Brad and I used to call each other in high school up until a couple years ago I would say. We didn't use this like "honey" or "babe" it was substitute for calling names like "jerk" and "ass". Oops maybe we should refer back to calling each other a water buffalo..hahahha..just kidding! So there you go. I really have no idea where I came up with calling him a water buffalo in the first place. I think there are actually many more random things I called him(all nice) but water buffalo was most common. :) 

Jesus redeems Simpsons??

I am so not proud as a mother to say this but my daughter loves the Simpsons. Brad is a fan and watches the occasional show in the evenings. It is usually after the kids have bathed and they are winding down for bed. I always thought they weren't really even paying attention. Recently if Laila sees a commercial she asks to watch it..grrrreat. (note the sarcasm) I personally don't think she should be watching it at all but Brad does change the channel or turn it off if there is violence or anything else "indecent" is on. Some might say the entire show is unsuitable for her and I am not going to disagree. You never know what she could be picking up from it but mostly I think she sees it as being just another cartoon.  My point of the post was that in letting Laila watch most of one show the other night we had a great discussion come out of it. I wasn't really paying attention to the show but at the end God showed up for some reason and Laila said mommy it's Jesus. She continued to say that he loved her and that he loved me and daddy and bubbs(Landon). We continued talking about Jesus for awhile that night and she wanted me to show her pictures of him in her books. It may be unfortunate that this convo had to stem from Simpsons but I was no less proud that night because of where her questions originally came from. If I were to go back and watch the episode it is highly possible they were mocking God in some way so I think we will not be letting her watch it anymore. It is my job as her mother to teach her so don't worry I won't be relying on tv.