Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Five

#1) listening to on repeat: Don't close your eyes by Chris Young

#2) reading: nothing this need of a new series

#3) watching: I just went and saw catching fire today with my mom. I really liked it! I think it was better than the first hunger games movie.

#4) eating or drinking: Turkey, stuffing and potatoes drowning in gravey!!

#5) goal: my goal was to plan out gifts for Christmas. I think I have it pretty much figured out.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Five

#1 listening to on repeat: Your mama should've named you whiskey by Luke Bryan

#2 reading: This week I read a horrible vampire book that I got for free on my kindle. Too embarrassing to name.

#3 watching: I haven't watched anything this week

#4 eating or drinking: I craved sweets this week bad!! yes it was that time of the month. I had airheads one day and peanut butter cups another day:)

#5 goal: clean out girls room and get rid of junk. Yes! I did accomplish this!

Monday, November 18, 2013

What makes mondays better??the dentist!

I feel like I have spent way too much time at the dentist lately. It is only going to get worse. About a month ago Laila had two separate appointments from when she chipped her tooth. Today Laila and Landon just had routine cleanings. It was an awesome way to spend an hour and a half. I got to see pics of prince George in his awesome christening gown in people magazine. I also got to tell Lydia to stop pretending to be a dog about 20 times. AND Lydia and I spent time taking funny pics of ourselves.

Here is our best one.

My kids are actually excellent patients for their dentist. Laila's teeth looked great and they were happy to see that Landon's front teeth came in!! :) Unfortunately, Landon has two cavities on two baby molars that they want to fill. Lydia has her cleaning thursday morning and then I take Landon tuesday for his fillings. Now that I am typing this out I think I have my cleaning coming up too. Thank God for dental.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Five

#1 listening to on repeat: I'm yours by the script

#2 reading: nothing lately been busy taking care of sick kids and then too sick myself to want to read

#3 watching: I started watching Revenge on netflix. I am trying to give it a fair shot but not sure if it's for me yet.

#4 eating or drinking:  all I have had for the last 3 days are club crackers

#5 goal: to eat real food :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Five

listening to on repeat: Kiss me slowly-Parachute


reading: Crescent Chronicles


watching: haven't watched much but Brad and I have watched a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy on netflix


eating or drinking: Cranberry juice with lots of ice


goal for the week: memorize Chords; D, C, F

I'm back!!

Lets try this again shall we?! Something is is changing...I can breathe again. After spending the last 9 plus years thrown into the whirlwind of wife and motherhood I feel like I am remembering "me" again. I hope that didn't come out wrong. Being a wife and mother is what I signed up for. but....the second I became a mother a flip switched. I changed. Not saying in a bad way but I definitely dove in head first and made raising babies my mission statement without writing it down. I think it is normal to kind of lose ourselves when our babies are little and they demand so much of us. I wouldn't have had it any other way. However, my baby is 4 and a half and doesn't need me every second...only every 5 minutes :) I'm starting to remember what it feels like to want to do things for me. I am remembering goals I had for myself 10 years ago and as a little girl. One of my best friends from college just posted a few pictures on facebook from when I was a freshman and sophomore in college. It's kind of amazing the timing of it all. Each of those pictures gave me a glimpse into who I was at 18 and 19. Each pictures sparked memory after memory. I am turning 30 in February. I think I am ok with it at the moment but 40 scares the crap out of me. Yet, when I turn 40 I want to remember what it felt like to be 30....I want the memories of me taking Landon to wrestling, watching Laila run her butt off, Lydia in all of her craziness, and me working on becoming who I always wanted to be. THAT is why I am blogging again. :)

Now I just need a new name and layout. Work in progress...