Thursday, June 30, 2011

sand box boat

My parents gave us money for Lydia's birthday to build her a sandbox. One month later it is almost complete. Brad did a great job designing and building it. We are looking for a wheel and telescope to add to it. It will be named after Lydia so we are also planning to pick up some little wooden letters...paint them and nail them on. However, before we add all the fun things we still have a lid to make. Here are some pics of the kids enjoying it.....I will post pics of the finished project....hopefully before the summer is over..ha!

Laila eating dinner in the sandbox
notice the storage area in front of the boat for all the sand toys
I will have to keep my eye on them to make sure no one gets buried

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Transportation fieldtrip

June 20th 2011

Laila's class got to go on a field trip today focusing on transportation. Brad asked for the day off of work months in advance so that I could go along and he could stay home watching the other kiddos. We were pretty much on the go from 8-4:30. First we w
ent on a school bus to Bremerton and took the fairy to Seattle. Once in seattle we took a round trip on the monorail. Then we had lunch in westlake center and found a cool water fall wall thing to run through. After lunch we took the lightrail to tukwila. I
n tukwila the kids were given a short presentation on safety. We hop
ped back on the bus to the museum of flight and looked around for about an hour before heading back home. Everything we did today was a first for Laila and I think she enjoyed every minute. There were plenty of chaperones so I was only responsible for one other child besides Laila. Most groups were put into boy girl pairs. Laila's "bus" buddy was Caleb. He was very easy to keep track of and listened to every word I said. I definitely lucked out. Laila has two days of school left and then she is officially a 1st grader!!

Laila in one of the jets at museum of flight

Laila and Caleb after going through waterfall

Keegan, Caleb, Laila and Morgan

Laila with her friends Zandra and Annabelle

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jays produce stand

I love love that there is a produce stand within a mile of my house. Today, like most days the kids were not napping well. Lydia has never loved sleeping so she will sleep like an hour tops most days. Instead of sitting and pouting about my "me" time being ruined I put the two youngest in the stroller, helped Laila put on her twinkle toes and headed to check out the produce stand I first discovered tuesday on my way to mops. I told Laila and Landon they could each pick something out. Lydia will eat almost anything so I knew she would like whatever mom picked. Landon has discovered a new love for watermelon. Just like I had imagined he picked that out for himself right away. Laila and I won't touch it so hopefully it won't go to waste. It is huge!! We took the long way home walking the loop around fred meyer and walmart. Landon held his watermelon proudly the whole time.

Laila didn't pick out a fresh produce item but to my dismay she did not even ask for a bag of candy they were selling inside. She opted for pumpkin seeds which everyone snacked on during our walk home.

I picked out kiwi for Brad, 4 for $1 and some apricots for me(don't remember the price on those). We bought Landon's giant watermelon, pumpkin seeds(no deal...1.99 for the bag), kiwi and aprictots for 8 dollars. I am not the best with shopping for deals but it sounds good to me! I have a feeling we will be taking lots of walks to Jay's this summer.

keep on keeping on

I have started a new least that is what I am hoping it will become. I have been getting up at 5:30 to get my runs in before the kids are awake. The plus side is that * I get to use my arms to run rather than have them resting on the jogging stroller.* I don't have to match my clothes or have my hair in place because noone is really going to see me anyway. *I seem to face the day with a much better attitude after working up a sweat. and finally * I don't have much time to talk myself out of going for the run. The only real downer is that it is 5:30 in the morning!!! I don't like to lose sleep. However, I am hoping to do this all summer until the mornings are dark again.

Also, I think I want a bike to ride on the days I don't run. I am trying to limit myself to running 4 times per week to ward off the shin splints.