Saturday, November 22, 2008

My 4 year old daughter is AMAZING

Yesterday morning Laila and I were reading some of her bible stories which of course always leads to questions and a big discussion. She pretty much always asks so God knows everything??? I said yes and then I went on later to how he has a plan for all of us and how he knows what she will be when she grows up and who she will marry. (sidenote:Any other parents feel any panic when they think of their children getting married?) Anyway, Laila said "but mom I am not going to get married for a long time. " I said oh of course not...and Laila says, "I need to find love first." AWWW yeah that pretty much made me really proud. Now I just need to make sure that my daughter is taught exactly what love is.

Later when Brad got home I told him the story with Laila sitting right there. Brad said...uhhhhhhh? and then "that is scary"....Laila got all huffy and said "no it's beautiful!!!" girl cracks me up.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I was just looking at old pictures and found these in our camping ones from last summer. I think it's pretty funny that Brad and Landon have the same hair style.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What's new??

Here are some of Laila's latest "funnies"

* she told Brad the other day when she grows up she is going to drive and eat candy for breakfast like mommy. (oops..I thought she didn't notice)

* The other morning I was snuggling with Laila and I told her she smelled good and she scowled and said.." mom! people do not smell good in the morning"( I dont' know why I think that is so funny...apparently we stink in the morning)

* Today she told me she is going to get married so she can go to Disneyland( I am assuming she heard Uncle Derek and Aunt Alyssa got to go there on their honeymoon)

Landon is starting to talk more and more..little by little...his new favorite saying is "are you ok?" I was pretty nauseous the other day and had a lazy day of sitting on the couch and he came over and said "are you ok?" and then kissed my hand.

My house is finally becoming presentable. I spent a week sitting in my chair reading all day long the Twilight series. I couldn't put the books down. Now that I am done with them I can get back to my normal chores:) I am looking forward to the movie Twilight coming out November 21st. I think Brad is looking forward to the movie coming out too so I will stop obsessing and talking about it.

I am finally 12 weeks pregnant. yay! Nausea is decreasing but not completely gone.