Thursday, February 28, 2008

quick update

I figured I better post an update on things since I haven't really seen or talked to anyone in awhile. Surgery went fine I suppose. Due to my random heart issues when I woke up I was having kind of a "freak out". My blood pressure was all over the place along with my heart rate. The nurses kept looking at me funny, like "what is wrong with you" while scratching their chins. I was in recovery a little longer than usual but everything leveled out and I had some great nurses. They kept telling me I was a "problem" patient but that I was doing great. I was told that I would feel awful for about a week after. Honestly, I really only felt pretty bad the first couple days. I have been slowly getting better and didn't even take any medicine yesterday. 

The doctor told me that he hadn't opened my gall bladder to see any stones yet but that there was a lot of scar tissue on it which probably has been making me sick for quite awhile. (yes I knew that!!) Not sure what the correlation is here but I am going to ask at my check up in a week. 

Brad has been amazing with the kids. He pretty much took care of ALL of their needs and mine from Saturday until Tuesday. He still has been doing most of the work but I have been getting up to do a few things now. It has been hard on him this week because both of the kids have colds as well as himself. Unfortunately, I am thinking I am next with this sore throat. 

We took the rail off of Landon's crib and put Laila's railing on it so he can get up and down himself but won't fall out of bed.  Hopefully he will think he is trapped though at night...and hopefully Laila won't fall out of bed.  :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

5 hours and counting....

I have 5 more hours to eat and drink as much as I want. I really am trying to drink a lot of water because after 12 I can only have literally 1 cup of water to take my meds with in the morning. Normally this would be no big deal but I have a check in time of 10:15 meaning the surgery won't even start til after 11. Originally I had a check in time of 9 so I am a little bummed I got bumped back a bit. I think I can deal with the hunger part of it because I have been feeling pretty sick lately anyway but I am going to be soo thirsty. Can they do this to people and have their surgery at like 2 pm? That would be awful. I was really looking forward to this surgery before as it would solve a lot of my problems. However, this evening as I sit alone:( (Brad is in cali..won't be back until I am sleeping) I am starting to get nervous. I am glad I did not go to see that movie with Jessica Alba?? I think it was and some guy where they "put" him to sleep for some sort of surgery and basically it looks like they try to kill him.

Some Randomness of the day.................

~Landon just started saying bye all the's so cute because he has this little southern accent with it. People might expect a ya'll after it. What is funny is that Laila used to say her byes the same exact way.

~Laila declared to me that she had friends today..and I said oh yeah...they she said yup....Maddie, Hannah, Judah and Autrey. Sorry Cohen, William and Annora(I guess since they aren't playing yet they don't exist as friends??)

~Landon had his first tear-free shot today. He whimpered when she stuck the needle in and then he was fine.

~I put both kids to bed early tonight..Landon at 6:30 and Laila at 6:45 ish....woohooo....but...they have been waking up at 5:45 the last two nights..boooo...this better be a fluke.

~When I put Laila to bed tonight she asked if the tooth fairy was coming...what????

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

what melts my heart

Landon is not too good at speaking yet. I partly blame myself for letting him have his fa fa(pacifier) whenever he wants. I should have known this because Laila was slow with talking because she too loved her fa fa. She finally gave it up completely at about 2 and a half?? I am hoping Landon will be before that. I know both of my kids are very bright so I should not worry. However, when I read babycenter(some say its the devil) practically every child supposedly has 50-200 words at this age.

Anyway my point of my post was to say the sweetest thing Landon has been doing lately besides giving me hugs and kisses repeatedly throughout the day. He actually started this about a week ago but every once in a while he has been reaching for my hand and trying to link our fingers together....then he leads me wherever he wants me to go. Usually it is into the kids' bedroom and he wants to sit there on my lap while he plays. I really think I may have one of the sweetest little boys. On the other hand...he just started throwing fits this week too. I think he has been watching his sister too much lately..grrrr

Monday, February 18, 2008

Busy day...I'm tired

Today I went shopping with my mom(surprise surprise). Mostly I went to go to Joanne's and pick out my birthday presents from Brad(scrapbooking stuff.) I bought a couple scrapbooks, some paper and a ton of stickers. I am all set to go. Then we walked around the mall for awhile and let the kids play at the kids play area in the mall. I am not sure what they are called. You know the things the kids climb all over and the parents sit around. Anyway, Landon escaped 3 times. This was not due to me not paying attention because I sat as close to the entrance as possible but Landon is quick. He never made it far out but he sure tried. After chasing him around we called it a day at the mall and headed home. My mom tried her best to talk to the kids all the way home so they would nap when we got home. Laila napped..Landon sang in his crib for 2 hours. Since it was such a gorgeous day when Laila woke up we went for a long walk around the neighborhood. My kids rarely get outdoor play time so we played outside for awhile after our walk. Landon did not want to sit still to play anything. He just wanted to run around. Laila wanted to write with chalk but I couldnt have Laila playing chalk on one side of the house while Landon was on the other side. Sooooo....I carried one screaming child inside while the other followed behind crying her little heart out. I feel like this was one of those days where I never stopped moving. Can you believe I am looking forward to my surgery. I keep telling Brad it is probably going to be the best rest I have had in a long time.

My birthday

My birthday was yesterday. I had a great day. It was one of the first sunny days in awhile so we walked down to church with the kids, then went home and had some steak Brad cooked for us while the kids napped. My parents, Brad's parents, and both of Brad's brothers(plus one brother's significant other) came over for cake in the evening. I am hardly ever surprised when it comes to getting presents but this year I was. Brad's parents got me a photo printer which I am really excited about. I have been wanting one for quite a long time. It is also a scanner which will come in handy too. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with my scrapbooking better now.
Brad "didn't realize" that he got me trick candles. They kept sparking and it took me forever to blow them out.

Friday, February 15, 2008

It's love!!!

My mom and I love shopping. We go a ridiculous amount. We went to Tacoma today. My birthday is in two days and for about the last 10 years I have gotten my birthday gift while shopping with my mom. I found two great things I was in need of and absolutely love both of them.

I have needed new running shoes for a really long time. We were leaving Nordstroms when I spotted these and thought they were the greatest thing ever. I picked them up and it was love immediately when I felt how light they are. I have ran in and tried on many running shoes in my life and these were aaaamazing. Also, they are asics which have always been the most comfortable but definitely not as cute as nikes. Anyway, I love my shoes and almost think they are too pretty to run in.
I was not blessed with great skin. I have dry, oily and blemish filled skin. I have had a lot of problems with foundations clogging my pores and making my skin even worse. I have been contemplating buying bare escentuals mineral powder for a long time and was actually hoping to find some today. However, my mom is a big Philosophy person. They sell all sorts of great stuff in this brand but I don't know where else you buy it except nordstroms. My mom was buying some stuff when she noticed they had mineral powder. The lady offered to put some on me and it was great. The first time, it was too light for me and I looked like a ghost but the next shade up was perfection. I don't think my skin has looked that flawless in a long time. I highly recommend this stuff. I just hope I am able to put it on as well as the professionals.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-Day!

I think Valentine's Day can be fun. I always liked buying Valentine's as a kid and writing one out to each kid in my class, even kids I didn't talk to or play with. It always felt nice to get them from those kids as well that I didn't talk to. I think it can be a good lesson for kids to love everyone. On the other hand, I remember when I got my first Valentine's present from a boy that was just for me. That was in 6th grade and it was a little box of chocolates. I think little innocent things like that are fun.

Since having kids Brad and I don't really do much on V-day. I think he is planning on making me dinner so we will probably have a special dinner once the kids are in bed. I made heart shaped sugar cookies for the kids last night. That was breakfast!! We have nowhere to go today but Laila is dressed in a red jumper she had for Christmas and some red and white pony tail holders I bought for today. Landon has a red shirt that says my mommmy loves me that he has had since last summer. so here are some pictures I took to atleast document the day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

a little slow

Ever since I found out I am going to be having surgery the days have been going by so slow. I have just about had it with winter. I cannot wait for spring so I can take my kids to the park, go for walks, plant flowers, etc. Although, today looks gorgeous so far. I love to see the sun. I think I may suffer from seasonal depression because I am a much happier person when the sun is out. I don't have anything big to report so maybe just a few updates.

Landon is doing well in his crib now. He did escape again during my shower and I found him jumping on Laila's bed. It was hard to scold him because he just looked so happy. He has not escaped at night though which is the most important thing. I am still considering moving him into a big boy bed within the next week. My surgery is on the 22nd of Feb and I am not sure how my recovery is going to be. It really depends if they are able to do it laparoscopically or if they have to cut through my stomach muscles(please no). So basically I am wondering if I will be able to put Landon in his crib during naps or bedtime when daddy is not home. We did solve the problem of where we would put Landon if we take him out of the crib. My parents have my trundle bed at their house that used to be under the day bed that Laila uses. I can keep that low to the ground so basically Landon could just hop in bed himself.

Brad dislocated two of his toes Monday night tripping over the kids toys. I am pretty sure he wanted to throw them all away that night. He has a nice little cane he is using to walk right now. Supposedly once the swelling goes down they should just go back into place themselves. I guess that beats someone yanking them back to place.

Brad let Laila play with his roll of electrical tape yesterday. This is what she came up with. By the end of the day there were a lot more toys attached.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

23 going on 60???

Check out my new gadget?? For those of you who don't know last July while I was vacationing in Montana I went to the E.R. because I began having constant heart palpitations for several days. I was diagnosed as having PVC's..look it up if you want..I am too tired to explain. They are supposedly "normal" but they thought mine were due to stress. I have been on beta blockers ever since which older people are usually prescribed them for high blood pressure(which mine is fine). They took a couple weeks to take effect but had been working pretty well until a couple weeks ago where I went to the ER again because I was having them again along with feeling like I could not breathe. Drugs to calm me down, Bloodwork, xray, and a cat scan later they sent me home telling me I was having a panic attack. I am now on a bunch of medication to help with my panic/anxiety attacks which seem to be constant....But just to be sure there is nothing else wrong with my heart I am wearing this holter monitor until tomorrow afternoon. Luckily, it is only 48 hrs. I know I have been posting kind of personal things here lately, but I am hoping only people who care will be reading this anways. I am trying to have a sense of humor about my troubles but I could use a lot of prayer.

Laila asked why I had stickers all over me and I told her that momma's heart has been funky lately. Now she keeps coming up to me and asks if my heart is still funky...pretty amusing because she doesn't exactly pronounce it well.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I have been complaining about not feeling well for like 3 months. I think I even made mention to this in a couple of my posts. I have been feeling nauseous most days and sometimes was in pain where I did not do a thing all day. Finally I know why!!! I had to take a 2 hour test last week to test the function of my liver and gall bladder and got a call yesterday that the tests came back abnormal. Don't you hate when you hear that and they don't tell you anything until you see the doctor? Anyway, it turns out my gall bladder is functioning at 10 % so we are just gonna get rid of that...cause what's it really doing for me? I am actually really excited that they finally found something wrong that they can't just say is "stress related". If you know my life, you will know that stress is not going away anytime soon. Unfortunately, because this is not a life or death matter it may take 2-4 weeks to get me into surgery. What a weird feeling it is to be happy to be told one of your organs is not working....

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I might be the only one who does this but I thought I should share the consequences.:) When I try to teach Landon new words I think I tend to exaggerate the sounds, specifically vowel sounds. I guess I didn't even realize I was doing this until Landon kept handing me his empty sippy cup and sweetly looking up he says eeeeeeeeeeeeee! This is how he says please. I laugh at it now to think how many times I have heard him say eeeeee and thought to myself what is that noise he is making. If you hear me say pleeeeeease, just give me a little kick. However, it is quite sweet and he does say some things correctly. He doesn't have a lot of words yet, but neither did Laila at this age. I think my kids are more into physical challenges, like climbing to the highest peak in our house. :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

well hmph!

I thought we were safe after lowering Landon's crib all the way. It looks like there should be no way for him to get out and he has not come to visit us the last couple mornings. However, apparently my son is a genius escape artist. I always put Landon in his crib when I take my showers so he can't get into anything or most importantly climb onto things and take a great fall. I heard no unusual noises when I got out of the bathroom(just so you know..i'm quick..10 minutes max..I don't sit and do my make up or dry my hair at this time) but Landon was in the living room playing with our CAMERA!!! He had the lens cap off and was actually looking like he was trying to take a picture. So it looks like I am either showering before the kids wake up..during his nap time(ick! kinda too late in the day..not that this doesn't ever happen) or strapping him into his high chair and bringing him in the bathroom. I have thought about putting him in his high chair and leaving him out with a snack but then there is what if he happens to choke and I can't see or hear him. I don't mean for this to sound like a dramatic post like oh no!! what am I going to do....because honestly it's not that big of a deal. Honestly I am very impressed with his abilities but can't believe he is growing up so fast.

Sidenote: Landon is in love with Craisins!!!

my version of getting dirty

Landon needed something to entertain him for awhile. He was playing with daddy's receiver and mommy's phone while munching on the desk.
I assure everyone Landon is happy and healthy this morning despite his ingestion of shaving cream.

team work?
I just love his expression in this picture! I think he looks so handsome

Next time I think we will have to use cool whip instead of shaving cream. I knew Landon would taste it but I thought once he did he would be done cause..uh..gross. Unfortunately, Landon thought it was delicious. It probably didn't help that it smelled like strawberries.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Laila's 1st time bowling

Tonight we went bowling as a family with Brad's parents as well. Everyone bowled except Landon and Grandma Donna. I don't think Laila had even seen bowling before so she had no idea what was going on when we walked in. It didn't take her long at all to warm up to the game. I don't think I have heard this girl giggle so much ever. She wasn't really concerned at all with how she did. She threw the ball down and ran off giggling, forgetting to even look to see how she did. She was all about the high fives as well. Unfortunately we had to go later in the evening so Landon was really tired and not at all aware of his surroundings. I have always liked bowling, but it had been about 5 years since I had been. We were all pretty rusty. The scores were as follows

Me: WINNER~115(not great I know)
Brad: 101
Pops: 94
Laila: 24

Laila probably would have had a higher score too but we couldn't have bumpers. There was only 1 lane open and they don't let adults use bumpers so Laila had to do it like a big girl. Although, they do have this snazzy little ramp you can bring out that Laila could set her ball up on and push it down. Not as good as bumpers but it worked!

Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm exhausted

Landon got out of his crib again this morning only this time he was stuck in between his crib and Laila's he was screaming. Their room isn't that small but Laila has a day bed, Landon's crib, a bookcase, a play kitchen and a big armoire that holds Laila's clothes. Also, our old mattress is behind Landon's crib so right now his crib and Laila's bed are almost touching.

Since about 11:45 until about 15 minutes ago(it is now 2) I have been in and out of the bedroom putting Landon back in his crib. He keeps jumping into bed with is quiet for awhile and then I hear giggling. As I type I am hearing noises so I am sure when I walk in they will be playing together. I would take pictures but our camera battery is dead. I would just let them come out because they would normally be up by now. However, then they both are going to be a real treat around 5.

I'm not really sure what to do now. I found a really cute toddler bed online at walmart yesterday for about 70 dollars. It is still more than I want to spend but the cheapest was 2o dollars less and all they had were sponge bob or Diego plastic beds . This is the same time we moved laila into her day bed because Landon was on his way and we wanted to make sure she was doing great in it by the time he was born. This time around we have no one coming so I hate to have to take him out of the crib already. What to do...what to do...