Monday, November 26, 2012


We are now an elf on the shelf family. Freddy is our newest member of the family. If you have never heard of this, first of all where have you been??? and second of all..check it out! You buy either a boy or girl elf which comes with a book that explains the tradition of the elf and the reasoning behind owning one. Basically you tell your kids they have to come up with a name for your elf and they are not supposed to touch him. I am not sure why no touching..but anyway....then in the story it says that your elf watches you all day long and then when you go to bed at night he flies back to the north pole to report back to santa on whether you have been good or bad that day. For the record I didn't buy this elf so that I could doop my kids into being good...because it doesn't work.  If I am being completely honest I love the idea that as the parents we get to be creative and place him in a new location every night and the kids are supposed to try and find him each morning. Pinterest has many creative ideas of what to do with your elf but I am going to try and come up with my own ideas as long as I can.

This is where I put him last night. I am not sure where I came up with this idea. The kids had put this plastic snake on our brick months ago. I think that adds a nice touch to rock climbing Freddy.
Stay tuned for Freddy's latest shenanigans!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thursday confession session

~ I really wish I would blog the events of each day. There is always something I could be documenting of my treasured life. However, I have a hard time sitting down to do it. I would rather play Mahjong on my kindle.

~ Brad always calls me an old lady because I like to get up early and drink my coffee and play Mahjong and solitaire.

~ The real reason I like to get up early is because I like to trick myself into thinking that I was in control of when I woke up. In reality my kids are in their rooms playing at 5:30 every morning and I sit and pretend they are still sleeping.

~ Almost every day I have an internal battle with myself to eat real food, fruits, vegetables, even sandwhiches. If I could function normally and not feel like crap or be 500 lbs I would eat candy and drink pop all day, every day.

~ My kids eat peanut butter toast almost every morning. They don't complain, that is what they ask for. It is nice knowing I can whip that up quickly without worry.

~ I thought I would love having a couple hours to myself every tuesday and thursday while Lydia is in preschool. In reality, I really don't like quiet that much. I usually end up getting groceries and that takes up most of the time.

~ Today I took Leo on a walk and he decided he had to take a dump right across the street from mcdonalds. It is not technically on the sidewalk but pretty darn close. People better watch their step. This is the first time he has ever pooped on a walk or run before.

~ I am wearing a hat today because I haven't washed my hair in two days.

~ I hate taking showers now that I have 3 other people to worry about keeping clean. Mostly it is the brushing out my thick wet hair afterwards that is annoying.

~ I am listening to the twilight soundtrack as I type.

~ I am NOT going to the midnight showing of the last installment of the twilight series. gasp! I did go to the other 3 though.

~ I am probably going to go see if friday night with my mom at an acceptable hour.

~ I would have put up my christmas decorations by now if I didn't have to go out to the shop and get them myself.

~ I have gone black friday shopping for as long as I can when Target opened bright and early at 7 am. It is all about nostalgia for me.

~ I hate that I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

Friday, November 2, 2012

End of October

We have been busy as a family enjoying the usual fall/October festivities that lead up to Halloween.

We carved pumpkins purchased from fred meyer this year. We just couldn't squeeze in the time or money to go to the patch. Most of the fun comes anyway once you are home and get to design your own pumpkin. Somehow I usually end up doing most of the work of gutting them. However, this year I told them they had to do most of it on their own and I would help towards the end. My job was to separate the seeds. I always roast seeds for a yummy snack. This year I tried a new recipe. I usually add salt and some spice but this year I wanted them sweet so I did cinnamon and sugar.

Lydia and I ended up getting to go to Hunter Farms with her preschool class this year. Laila and Landon were pretty jealous because their school doesn't do that as a field trip. Lydia had a great time running around with her little friends and screaming when the loose chickens came towards her.

My cousin Jon, his wife Amber and son Kynan were in Olympia this week for a few days visiting Amber's grandparents. They live in Missoula, Montana so it has been awhile since we last saw them. We intended to meet at Charlies Safari but when we showed up it was closed to the public. They had some special party happening. We ended up at Chuckee cheese which probably was for the best. On a monday night, there was basically two other families. It was awesome!!

Halloween ended up much better than I thought it would. We have had pooring rain for days and it was not looking like it would change. Luckily, we had rain free trick or treating up until the last couple houses where it lightly rained on us. As you can see Landon was an army soldier, Lydia a bunny and Laila was Merida from the movie Brave. Originally, Landon was going to be spider man and Lydia was also going to be Merida. Unfortunately, we bought the costumes from costco in early September and we let them wear them around the house and Landon and Lydia just wore them out. Landon's is fixable, just coming apart at the seams. Lydia's dress is not as easily fixable. Her dress got caught on our fence and tore the first sheer layer.  Anyway, I think their costumes suit them perfectly. The kids had a great time and ended up with just enough candy to gorge themselves for a day and half and then life can go back to normal. :)