Friday, May 16, 2008

LOTS of lake fun!

Due to our mini heat wave we decided we better get out in the water tonight. We were on Spencer lake at my parents house.

So I couldn't nail it down to 1, 2 or even 3 pictures:) Obviously I do not use flickr

Make a wish!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

a glimpse of my joy

* Landon has started laughing like the Count on Sesame Street. eh eh is hilarious to hear him do this. he only does this when the count comes on the tv but still. I may have to do a recording of this because some people probably don't have a clue what I am talking about.

* I made a card today for my mom with the kid's picture on it and wrote rara(this is what Laila calls her grandmas) on the front. Then I gave Laila some colored pencils to decorate and draw a picture. Usually Laila just scribbles but today she was trying to copy what I wrote..rara..and she drew a PERFECT a. She also drew a wonderful sun. It is exciting to see more than squiggly lines for a change.

* Walking into the grocery store this morning we walked by a truck who's driver was sitting in it with the window down..probably waiting for someone. It wasn't really that dirty that I noticed but apparently Laila thought different. As we walked by Laila said "someone needs to wash that dirty truck." Let the embarrassing statements begin. I just hope she never calls someone fat or questions someone's complexion.

*I get 100 dollars of our stimulus check to spend on whatever I want....any ideas??

*My son just started saying mom FINALLY!! Almost every morning he walks into our bedroom and says mom, mom, mom??

* My daughter has been...well the nicest word I can think of is a stinker. But..the other day I put on a new shirt that I was not happy about because it was bigger than I have ever had to buy before...and she said "you look pretty in that shirt mom" it soo made my day.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

good times

My mother's day present from my sweet husband. I have been asking him to throw away his old recliner for a long time. It has holes, stains...just gross! Now I have this new awesome one that is sooo comfy. We just got a new couch last weekend from Brad's parents(so new to us) too that they have taken fantastic care of. So now there is pretty much no eating or drinking going on except at the table. There were benefits of having nasty furniture:)
My parents breed Norwegian Forest Cats. One of their cats had seven kittens recently. It is always so much fun when they have a new litter of kittens but we always have to be careful not to get too attached to them because they do leave around 3 months of age. Laila's favorite kitten is the cream colored one looking at her. His name is Loki.
Landon wanted to pick up the kittens and play with them so badly. Landon somehow was able to snatch one up but my mom quickly noticed and took him away. However, Landon was able to give the kitty a nice kiss which he is about to do in this picture.
My cousin Julia and her mom came to Shelton today for a visit. They live in Portland and we had only seen pictures of Anthony since his birth April 1st. He is such a sweet baby and Laila was thrilled to be able to hold him.
Landon is officially in a big boy bed. NO MORE CRIB!!! He was in his crib with no railing since February which was going fine..but.....Landon tried to get into Laila's bed every chance he could get. I think he liked that hers was bigger and the mattress was much more comfy. He is using our old double we had before getting a new bed at Christmas. He LOVES his big bed. We are letting him use some of our pillows for now and he just loves it!! I am looking forward to being able to cuddle with him, reading before bed.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Last night was the 2nd game of the season but the first game with their snazzy new uniforms. Many thanks to their sponsor; Sentry mini storage.   :) The uniforms have to be why they were so awesome and WON their game! 
I like how this picture turned out...It is hard to take pictures with the fence in the way.
My dad is the pitcher. He has awesome reflexes by the way! :) If you were at the game last night you would have witnessed him in action. 

Two fans(I mean hecklers??)Brad's brother Jared is the one on the right. It was nice of him to stop by for awhile. 

Laila enjoyed following this boy around. She is in the phase where everyone is her friend. I guess this is a nice outlook to have in some ways. Sometimes I wish adults could look at each other all as friends.  Unfortunately, this is not easy when there are some real fruits out there. 

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Push pops, jelly sandals and a swing

We haven't been up to much lately. Brad has been gone 2 weeks in a row for work; first to Nevada and then to South Carolina. Now everyone is recovering from colds. I hope this is the last of them for awhile. It was a long winter and hardly has seemed like Spring until the last few days.

Do you remember push pops? I used to love these as a kid. I seem to remember them being flinstone ones. I realize they have been selling them all along but I haven't thought about them, let alone bought them until the other day. I bribed Laila(yes BRIBED) into being good at the store by letting her pick out whatever kind of Popsicle she wanted. I think Landon was happy with her choice!

How long have jelly sandals been around? I never had these as a kid but always wanted them. I am not sure why I never got them. I think I was more of a salt water sandal kid. Anyway, Laila saw these at Target and said "ooooo PINK! my favorite color!! these are soo cute mom." Yes, yes they are Laila. However, I am not sure how long 8 dollar shoes will last on this girl.

Brad got this chair/swing in Honduras for the family. He finally took it outside today and found a tree that works perfectly.