Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I love my Laila Mari

Setting the Scene: us(me, Laila and Landon) walking into Fred Myer this morning

Laila: what are we doing?

Me: getting some groceries

Laila: why?

Me: because we have no food

Laila: why?

Me: because we ate it all

Laila: why?

Me: because we we were hungry

Laila: why?

Me: because we need to food to live

~~~~Laila is now distracted by me picking out fruits and vegetables~~~~~~

Me: ok we need to find some broccoli

Laila: why?

Me: because it it yummy and good for us...........ok lets go get some bread

Laila: why?

Me: so you can have sandwhiches

Laila: why?

Me: because that is what you will you stop saying why(at this point my blood was starting to boil a little)....ok let's go look at the Halloween Candy

Laila: Whatever you say mom

Friday, October 26, 2007

yay for PB&J!!!

I am starting to get frusterated with Laila's lack of eating. The only thing I can ever count on her eating is what we call "treats"; cookies, candy, etc. Luckily, she doesn't really like juice or anything besides water and milk. She has been refusing any sort of fruit or veggie. I try to feed her well and lately lunch consists of a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich and milk. I am trying to remember back to when things changed. She used to eat anything we put on her plate just like Landon does now. I realize that she won't starve herself to death, she has to eat eventually so I should just keep giving her the healthy foods. Well....I guess she won't be whittling away as long as she has her PB&J.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

why go to sleep?

He may look all sweet and innocent(ok so he really is) but he sure made his mommy and daddy upset last night. This picture was taken about 30 minutes before all hell(don't know how else to put it) broke loose. Landon had a little runny nose the last couple days but was acting normal and seemed just fine so I thought it was just due to teething. Guess not! He started getting cranky around 6:30 so I decided maybe he just needed to go to bed early because he in fact had a short nap during the day. He was gone easily a little after 7. I was looking forward to relaxing but unfortunately that did not happen. Landon woke up screaming and I thought ok he just needs his fa fa(pacifier) but he was not letting up at all so I brought him out to rock him. The next 4 hours were spent walking the house, rocking, watching happy feet and the Lion King while Landon cried most of the time..stopping for moments in between to yawn. I should not leave out that when he cried he sounded like a seal barking. I don't think I have seen a little boy so sick before..he sounded awful and he wouldn't take his pacifier because he couldn't breathe. I don't know how it got bad so fast..he seemed fine when he first fell asleep. Eventually he was soo exhausted he cried himself to sleep, mouth wide open. However, I was afraid to put him in bed because he seemed like he really wanted to be snuggled and I was afraid he would just wake up again. Then of course I couldn't fall asleep because I felt like he was going to just wake up any minute anyway and we would start the whole thing over again.

He seemed a lot better today. He has a pretty runny nose and a little cough but he acted like his normal self. I put him to bed again early tonight and he went easily and then woke up 3o minutes later and I almost cried....luckily it wasn't too painful and he is in his crib as I type...hope it lasts.....wish me luck

Monday, October 22, 2007

Music and memories

I am a very emotional person, as are a lot of girls I realize. A few weeks ago as I was driving, which is when I usually think a lot, I thought back to my childhood and then high school, college and now and how there have been a lot of songs that provoke memories, good and bad. Sometimes it was because the song was playing during an event or there was a song I liked during a period in my life. Anyway I kind of went through my life like a timeline and thought of songs that have meant something to me....I am going to list just a few of them and not say why they are on the list unless I think necessary..I invite others to share their list..please!! You don't have to share why you have them either because some may be private or just plain embarrassing...also, disclaimer..I don't even like some of the songs...but they still bring out emotion or have meaning. Brad might say mmmbop brings out rage in him:) 

"What's love got to do with it"~Tina Turner: my brother and I used to sing it together as little kids, it was our favorite song

"One moment in time"~Whitney Houston I think: was playing at the opening ceremonies  for Junior Olympic Nationals when I got All American

"Candy Rain": just makes me think of 5th grade

"mmmbop": obession begins

Cleopatra's one and only cd I believe~too long of a story


"November Rain"~Guns N Roses

"Everything I do..I do it for you"~Bryan Adams: Brad used to see it to me in high was then our wedding song

"If it makes you happy"~Sheryl Crow: my best friend and I used to scream it in the car in high school

"I'm feeling this"~Blink 182: Plu friends

"There goes my life"~some country singer(mind blank): It was playing on the radio the night Brad and I drove home from the drug store to take a preggo test to then find out Laila was coming. Very fitting...I was in denial about it until this song came on. 

"open the eyes of my heart"~many christian artists: I sang this song to my grandma just hours before she passed away..I will cry if I hear it. 

ok I think that is it for now..I am sure there are a ton more. I think you can learn a lot about a person this way too! So come on guys!!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Yesterday was a funfilled day for me. Brad took the day off and sent me down to Lafactor for 4 hours of pampering. I got to soak in a tub, had a massage and then a manicure and pedicure. It was actually kind of strange being forced to relax and have that many hours of peace and quiet. I did feel great afterwards though. Thank you Brad! 

sooo are date was awesome. I should clarify when I said I was primping I was putting on a little more makeup than usual..not much else because we had a pretty casual date(the best kind). First, we went to Red Robin for dinner, which is pretty much the best. I kind of wanted to try something new but the weather was awful and didn't want to drive around in the pooring rain looking for something if anyone has any ideas for next time..let me know! I do know their are other places..maybe we are just lame:)  After dinner we went to the new Glow Golf in the mall where Mervyns used to be.  It's all dark with black lights and everything glows in the dark, hence glow golf. We had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, Brad beat me by 1 point. I suggest everyone go and do this as a date. There were a lot of lil high school couples playing which made me feel like we were 18 again out on a date. Especially afterwards when we strolled the mall for a half hour holding hands:) I remembered that I was the mom of two little ones and not 18 and in high school anymore when we couldn't figure out what to do next. We ended up going to rent a movie, Evan almighty(funny movie by the way)...stopping at Dairy queen and ending our date with the movie. We had a great night. We laughed at ourselves a lot which I think we both needed! Dates are great! :)


Xavier is doing great so far. He hardly ever barks, just "talks" and howls occasionally. We let him in the house for awhile today while the kids were still gone and again he did great. I thought he would be jumping all over everything but he didn't. He was pretty calm and even better he has started to listen to me a little. The first day he wouldn't at all. He will sit now and shake. So far so good..I hope things continue to go well. Dog and Cat have yet to meet! 

Friday, October 19, 2007


I just wanted to say that I am excited..Brad and I are going on a long awaited and much needed date tonight! My parents should be here any minute to get Laila and Brad's parents will be getting Landon soon too! We have some fun stuff planned. I'll let ya know how it I must go primp...haha yeah right...well maybe a little primping...I'm out of practice. :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007


I guess he didn't like having a wet shirt
apparently he is part beaver??

ok he is cute again


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Family Day

Today we got to spend the whole day together as a family. We were busy out and about all day and the kids are in bed now at 7, yes!! This morning we went to a dog Kennel in Kent to meet a dog we have had our eye on adopting. He is a 2 year old, 100 lb Malamute. We can have him if we want him so we will discuss it some more(Brad and I) and then decide within the next few days if we will bring him home. I have never had a dog before and honestly not the best dog to start off with. He is huge, insanely strong and very playful. He is absolutely adorable though and appears to be just the happiest dog ever. I am just nervous about caring for a dog along with my kids because lets face it, I am the one home all day. will hear more about that if and when we get him.

After our visit we went to the pumpkin patch. It was the perfect day for it. I think I actually worked up a sweat hauling the kids and pumpkins around. Laila had fun, but I think next year will be even more fun with both kids being older.

Then we went to visit Gma and Gpa White so Brad could get one more ride on the jet ski. We had dinner with my parents and the kids got to play with their train set they got for their birthdays. Well..I am exhausted so here are some pics from today.....

Thursday, October 11, 2007


I like to keep things, especially if related to my kids. I was looking at their baby stuff from the hospital today and in one of the boxes was their wrist bands. I know it is normal to keep that kind of stuff but in the same box I had wrist bands from other hospital visits of mine like ultra sounds, miscarriage, etc. As I looked over them I noticed the dates on two of them in particular. July 26th 2005 was the day I miscarried our second baby and July 26th 2007 I was in the hospital for an irregular heartbeat. I'm sure just coincidence..but I thought it was interesting and DEFINITELY worth blogging about:) 

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Reasons to love fall

I have been feeling kinda blue lately so I decided to make a list of all the wonderful things about fall. I love writing lists and it helped a little... I didn't know I could come up with so much. 

* Orange and Red; really only pretty in hair:) and the gorgeous fall leaves-I need to make a pile to throw my kids in and take some pics. 

* I love the sunny days(yes I know there haven't been a lot this year) with the crisp cold air. 

* Tis the season for Caramel apples~I made some yesterday..yum!!

* The anticipation for the coming holidays~Thanksgiving and Christmas

* Halloween Candy~there is so much in the stores you pretty much have to have it, therefore, no guilt(well not as much)

* I get to dress my kids up as silly as I want for Halloween~ I have been planning on having my kids be Mickey and Minney since I found out I was having a boy..I know it's sad! I am not really even that big of a fan..just thought it would be a cute pair!

* I get to wear all my LONG SLEEVE TEES(name that tv show and/or episode) and sweaters

* taking baths~they are so much better when it's cold outside 

* Hot drinks;coffee, tea, cider, cocoa~ I drink decaf at night just to have something warm

* Pumpkin Patch~loved going as a kid, fun now with my kids~going this weekend(please no rain)

* I love the whole ambiance in our house with lit candles in the evenings because it is now darker earlier 

~~~~~~~~~INTERUPTING THIS POST TO SAY MY DAUGHTER JUST TRIED TO KILL HER BROTHER......He was laying on the ground and she put a blanket over his body and layed on top of him..oh great!! he is fine now.....~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

* I love being able to turn the heat on in the car and house when I am cold. The feeling of relief and relaxation as the last goose-bump disappears.

* The new episodes for tv shows I watch~prison break, the office

* small group starting up again

* learning to cook again, I don't really cook much in the summer-mostly bbq

* This fall all of my friends are pregnant~ I know someone due every month from November until April...yay babies!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


My daughter has taught me a valuable lesson recently. I need to follow through with things that I say I am going to do or I need to choose my words more carefully. My usual response for Laila when she asks to do something or wants something is "soon Laila". I think that I usually intend to do what I say will be done "soon" but Laila's latest reactions seem to prove otherwise. Now when I tell her something like daddy will be coming home soon, she will get upset and say noooo, today!! I have confused my daughter and she apparently has no idea that soon is normally a good thing. Lately I have been saying daddy will be home later..or if appropriate..any minute. It's hard teaching little ones the concept of time. 

Feeling better

Brad and I have both been sick this last week. We both had one of those colds where you have a monster headache because your head is going to explode with snot, sore throat(which I always say I feel like a fire breathing dragon), and our necks(glands) were so swollen it hurt to turn our heads. If I had to go anywhere(which I didn't) it would have been embarrassing because I think I looked like a football player. We both are feeling better but the cough and runny nose is lingering. My point of this post is that at the height of our colds we were both asking for each-other to put us out of our misery, but now that I think back on the last few was the most time Brad and I had spent together in a really long time. We spent Saturday-Tuesday taking turns laying on the couch(if we weren't laying..we were playing with the kids..sort of) and watching friends seasons 1-6(this is what we do every time we are sick). Brad is at work today and I am home trying to clean up the rubble from our sick week(sick=no cleaning or picking up a thing).  Anyway, I am glad we were able to spend time together, just wish we could have enjoyed it more by being able to breathe etc.