Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Five

#1) listening to on repeat: Still into you by Paramore

#2) reading: Nothing again

#3) watching: more Til death but last night my brother introduced me to a new reality tv show that takes place in Norway. The contestants are Norwegian Americans that compete in contests to prove who is the most Norwegian. The winner gets a cash prize and gets to meet their relatives living in Norway. My brother thinks I should be on the show. He has already met some of our relatives in Norway though. He got to add our names to their family tree they had displayed in their house.

#4) eating and drinking: too many Christmas candies and cookies

#5) goal: enjoy everything the holidays have to offer including the mess and meltdowns

Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Five

#1) playing on repeat: Begin Again by Taylor Swift. I am not a big Swifty fan but I can't get this song out of my head

#2) reading: I have been busy getting ready for Christmas so haven't had the time to sit down and dive into something new

#3) watching: Brad and I have sat down and watched more Til Death in the evenings

#4) eating or drinking: Lydia is on an orange pepper kick so we have been sharing a pepper the last few days at lunch.

#5) goal: I wanted to start running and I DID!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Tempo Wednesday

I wish I could have called this tempo tuesday..that sounds much cooler. However, I don't get to run on tuesday mornings. Anyway, I have decided that wednesday will be tempo runs. If you aren't familiar with what tempo runs are...basically you run your "race pace" for the distance you are running. I am keeping my tempo runs to 2 miles to start with. Tempo runs are designed to make you faster, stronger and also aid in weight loss. Today I did my best to run what I would run for a race right now. It was hard and there were several times I felt like I could lose my coffee and banana. Running is hard but nothing feels better than that moment you get to stop and realize what you were able to push through. :)

Monday, December 16, 2013

I started......again!

I just got home from running a very very very very(ok you get the idea) slow 4 miles. I am not going to was not fun. However, I expected this and I am just happy I finally did it. My plan is to run every mon, wed, fri while Lydia is in school. I am in the process of getting Brad to work out with me tuesdays and thursdays in the evening when the kids are in bed. I want to start lifting weights and would much rather do that in the privacy of my own home. Brad will make fun of my lack of strength but he makes fun of everything I do anyway:) Now I just need to get some new music on my ipod. I have had the same two mixes from 2 and a half years ago when I was training for the half marathon.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Five

#1) listening to on repeat: Story of my life and Little things by One Direction

#2) reading: nothing this week

#3) watching: Brad and I have been watching a show called Til Death on netflix

#4) eating or drinking: lots of coffee with hazelnut creamer

#5) goal: Again..I wanted to start running but now I have a cold so putting it off again.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Five

#1 listening to on repeat: Beer in the headlights by Luke Bryan

#2 reading: re-reading Vampire Academy. The first movie is coming out on Valentine's Day

#3 watching: The only thing I have watched this week is football.

#4: eating or drinking: Drinking lots of water and eating lots of candy canes.

#5: goal: I wanted to start running again this week...did not happen!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Uff da!

I am not too shy about letting people know that I am Scandinavian. I am proud of my heritage, pillaging aside. That is what helped me finally decide on a tattoo. I have always wanted one but could never decide on what or where. I think it's silly to just get one for the sake of getting one so that is why it took so long. Brad ad I turn 30 in February and March so I think tattoos are going to be our gifts to each other.  I haven't decided on the exact design or placement but it will be Thor's hammer. I know you are probably thinking, huh? Like Avengers Thor? NO no no..Yes Thor, god of thunder...but....more like this...My roommate in college bought me a necklace from Iceland with thor's hammer and I always loved it.

Vikings had thor's hammer on their armor or worn as jewelry to protect them in battle. Originally I wanted it on my foot but now am going back and forth between that and my wrist. I read that the foot is one of the most painful spots and my sister in law to be has one on her wrist that she said didn't hurt at all. I have a couple months to decide. In my research I found out that Scarlett Johansson has a tattoo of the hammer on a bracelet around her wrist. She is danish. However, on hers it says I love NY. Decisions... decisions...