Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I have not posted in awhile and am still unsure of how often I will be updating my blog. As my kids have gotten older I feel like I actually have less time to myself and less time for my blog. I originally planned on doing several posts about Laila and Landon turning 7 and 5 and some of the fun things we have done the last few weeks, but I think I will quickly say phew September sure flew by but we sure enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Landon is loving pre-k just as much as preschool last year. He loves his teachers so much I am not sure it possible to love another teacher as much. He is becoming a little more focused on his seat work and showing more interest in crafts. Last year most of the coloring pages consisted of one long slash across the page in one color. We are working on writing his name and hoping he gains more confidence in himself. He likes to say he can't do something before even trying.

Laila adores 1st grade. Having lunch everyday at school is still as exciting as the first day. She wants to know exactly what I am packing her before we leave the house. She amazes me everyday with new things she is learning. She has better handwriting than her father, is in the highest reading group at school(I know bragging) wants to be friends with everyone and the other day She completed 14 laps around the mt view field during PE. Laila loves to learn and I never have to worry about her getting into trouble.

I wish I could say 1st grade was perfect, but Laila has been having a rough time with one girl in her class. They were in the same class last year and had problems as well...mostly consisting of Laila sitting by someone else and this girl throwing a fit and having to be physically removed from class. This year so far Laila has been bit on the cheek and ALMOST bit another time. It has recently escalated into just bullying.. this girl saying that Laila smells. The teacher, recess duties and counselor are all aware of what has been going on and have been giving different punishments. Unfortunately, if this keeps happening I am going to request this girl be moved or Laila will have to be moved to a different class. I told myself in the beginning I would let them be together as long as it wasn't causing problems or inhibiting Laila learning. I am getting close to the end of my rope here.....wish us luck!