Saturday, April 12, 2014

Friday Five

#1 song on repeat: "what are you drinking about" Florida Georgia Line

#2 watching: Monday night I started watching friday night lights. I started at 9 pm and watched until 4 am. Obviously I like the show.

#3 reading: I started reading Game of thrones on monday while at my parents house. I didn't get very far and then forgot it at their house. I am going there sunday so I may pick it up then.

#4 eating or drinking: Brad and I got to have a date night thursday. I went and watched his coed soccer game in olympia and then we had a late dinner at red robin. I wanted to order something I have never had so I went with the whiskey river bbq burger. It was amazing!! I will be getting it next time I go there.

#5 goal: my goal was to not sit around on spring break and let my kids play xbox. I think we did pretty well with that due to some nice weather. We had a couple play dates with friends and the kids did some fishing at my parents house.

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