Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Five

#1 song on repeat: "sweater weather" by the neighborhood. I kept hearing this song on the radio but never caught who the artist was. On one of my runs this week it came on pandora and was able to see who it was. I love love this song but when I went to check out their other songs I was so disappointed. :( but..I still love this song.

#2 watching: becoming obsessed with LA Ink.

#3 reading: nothing

#4 eating or drinking: Brad's birthday was wednesday so I made him a peanut butter cup icecream cake.

#5 goal: Brad had the whole week off so I decided to take advantage of that and run every morning this week. There were definitely mornings I did not want to run but I am feeling great. I will be sad when I can't run every morning next week but I will try and force myself out the door when Brad gets home from work.

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